ABOUT THE AUTHOR: With her stories impacting lives in a positive way, Karina Garrison passionately adheres to her solid belief in using words to benefit others.   

Karina was born in a hard-working town in the state of West Virginia, the youngest of five siblings. Her Italian mother would weave fascinating tales to a young Karina while gliding on their weathered porch swing, and soon, Karina inherited her passion for the written word. She decided early on, through family hardships, that she would only write what would benefit the reader and continues that philosophy to this day.     

At the age of sixteen, she had written her first book, A Little Piece of Heaven. She shelved the manuscript to hone her craft. The literary world was tough and writing was put on hold, until years later, when Karina's love for the beauty of motherhood prompted her to take pen to paper again, writing her first short and award-winning story, Rocking Chair. Soon after, Goliath's Pizza, a modern day parody of the David and Goliath Bible story, followed the success of Rocking Chair with another literary award.  In December 2014, she was awarded first place in the SW Ohio's First Impressions Fictional Contest, and currently, she is honored to have been nominated for the AMG Heritage Award for 2015 Author of the Year (ceremony in November, 2015).

Other acclaimed stories of Karina's followed and Karina began receiving contracts for publishing houses such as Barbour, Integrity Publishers, Kings' Syndicated Newspaper Column, Woman's World, Chicken Soup for the Soul and others.

While pressing on toward her goals in longer inspirational fiction, Karina maintains a strong sense of volunteer work. She founded the Tri State Writers Society, and is a creative writing instructor for the Academy of Lifelong Learning. As an inspirational speaker, she works hard to encourage, support and help others in whatever difficulties they might be facing. Karina's passion in life, whether through writing, speaking or teaching, is to be a part of bringing a message of hope to people in an honest and identifiable way. She has lots of creative plans for the future and will continue delighting her fans with her thorough and poignant style that leaves imaginations soaring, readers inspired, and lives touched both in the written word, and through personal testimony.